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Naturopaths are often successful at helping clients with chronic conditions that don't respond to conventional medicine. This includes, but is not limited to: fatigue, pain and inflammation,  sleep disturbance, and digestive disorders. They are able to respond to the individual needs of clients and develop a treatment plan that includes nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and dietary changes.

  • Does your brain feel like it’s in a fish bowl or feel like you have cotton wool up there? 

  • Do you find it difficult to do your job, take care of your family, remember things, or enjoy the things in life that make you happy?

  • Are you suffering from fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, autoimmunity, or inflammation?

If you answered yes, then its time to make an appointment with Sandra O'Connell

Australian Trained Naturopath, Sandra O’Connell, started working as a Naturopath, Herbalist & Iridologist almost 20 years ago. Since then she has helped thousands of people achieve better health, increase energy and rid themselves of dis-ease and chronic conditions. Her goal is to eliminate the confusion and get you real answers so you can start living the life of health and happiness.

As a Naturopath Sandra can help with the following conditions:       


  • Digestive problems: bloating, constipation, irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel

  • Weight loss or weight gain

  • Women's Health: PMT, menopause, period pain, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility issues, irregular periods, menstrual problems, Urinary Tract Infections.

  • Thyroid & Adrenal issues

  • Healthy eating plan to suit your lifestyle

  • Food allergies or intolerances, gluten free eating or eating without an intolerance

  • Insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, pain and muscle soreness

  • Fatigue, boosting energy ‘not quite right’

  • Children’s health, Asthma, constant colds & flus, general health

  • Cholesterol management, heart health, high blood pressure

  • Diabetes type II management  & Diabetes support

  • Men’s health, prostate, stress

  • Autoimmune disorders – rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Crohn’s disease & lupus


Sandra O'Connell ND - Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist

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Location for Clinic: Mitchelstown Enterprise Centre Dublin Road Mitchelstown Co. Cork 


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